Saturday, August 6, 2011

Gent Doctor and Lady patient unseen story in english font

Terminated yet at parula think this story says - "I almost asusthataya bhogatama, sometimes I have a tremendous lack of sexual tension at home sbami tathana karatama access, hot sex, I can sit in one type of akankha rogagrastha terrible start to wear, yarayute one type of bearing is culakanira When I began the world's most forward calakani sonaya into my mind kheciye issued severe, but women face phatena phateta chest, my brother-in-law takhano Terminated yet I did not start, when the first brother Rafiq how it first started codanaIf you would arekadina opportunities, as well as a variety of diseases yarayura culakanita I was very embarrassed, many have suggested Rules, I think, when I'm itching to yasa sbamike called out to a good cause itching, but I think the market will be a long purple khece nisa, a more dustami the more I stay in her room in her brother Rafiq and I think the itching is why the word, but I think the way dharechila taketa one called to tell me a little of draft of the code, yes, he will never hear me over the bar code debana that I have a plana , I think it will be seen daktara, Thursday morning I went hasapatale dasataya official, a doctor specializing in skin and sexual abuse, the doctor is not the age of 40, I adaba dhukalama with a doctor's chamber, but I daktarera rogi purasa and everyone in the room the women are considered yaunarogi , to arrive at one stage, my eyes fixed on the milk is, in my view erayana stanagulo any man she once again did I speak, one by one doctor that I have my problems to everyone bidaya, and sunalena daktara agrahabhare Amr, after I had ekata bicanaya suyalena, on my left styatheskopa basalena milk, milk basalena majakhane right, I do not burst, I'm happy to deke daktara dugala adara my view it is the low taxes hasabenana, bhitare tanahale good to be outside all the way, however it I said, tomorrow morning you agami moved my home is not something you do not test well, if you want to be good, if not come do not come, his constancy dekalama words to his home, so I recognize Aslam's house, I decided at the time of the day He's just got home, I did not come home, daktara alone, I saw my doctor that I did not burst rahasayamaya mucaki you come, you want to be good? Sitting her drawing room, the bathroom had a bath, recover bodies called me bhitara nilena room, a bed inside the room where there would sute me, I am not alone in the room at the doctor today for his chamber yaubana fat nari sute Kidding a little hesitation, he dbidhake my doctor with my bhangiye Kadha I have been one of the most suyaye, I was laid long paralama, Doctor Sahib, I laid it next to a table with various types of equipment to be styatheskopa come right next to my chest with my hand ghese basalena, then he asked me to keep track of various -Who's who you are at home,One santanaWhere is your husband?MalesiyaSeveral years,Almost two yearsHow many years have been itching yauniteOne year isWhich shall provide complete treatment of theNotExternal any medication lagiyechanaMarket itching ointment purchased lagiyechiThe doctor who did this would make you burst mucakiI like a little self-conscious at home, but the autograph is affixed,I was sitting right next to my right to speak balate hatake on my chest with my left hand side of the lie, the nearly close to his chest with my breasts, I can not, we're like boyfriend and girlfriend, I went there, because I think it's a long fast of sexual titillation saka electricity throughout the body of the tool plays, I think the doctor thought it was them, I'll psi, and if some of the balabana codeo dakatara me, called my house one ekhaneta janachena, medical treatment, as well as I know, but I yaunanda damage not notice what?He lowered his mouth to my mouth daktara caila -Amita said yes, you have come here to do as many tests as possible hasapatale hatana, nirdidhaya karate have all the tests?I told you that I do not look for any test, you can, the way you want itI have a tip diye chale adarera gale that was not my patient laksiThe test started daktara, styatheskopa milk just right in the middle of my grip dharala, I would like to take back her breath back, my breathing with my chest uthanama the items daktara dudhake dharache grip, so I had to will himself through the same warm feeling harani Kidding, The same with my left calf started to test it for examination to the disappointment of the stana ostana daktara muka uthate gomara me said, I'm Sitting to sleep, my back started to test this, he hatasa Medicine, laid her again, she let the machine push sari blouse caught on with some of your sari blouse parachena not Mind If you need to start testing sarthe, Open a little? I do not do it, where it will be open amita know where, but taraceye yekane sekane sekane where you need to manually open your check, you do not want to know the dbitiyabara, nissankoce you check back, as I make my clothes and putting me namalena back on hook to open my blouse, blouse open suyalena me again, I laid my eyes but I, again, the embedded test machine is started, the table can be a slippery semen yatiya nilena things like my bank dustane makhamakhi with the machine by putting a bar on the bar dekate lagalena I enjoy daruna the pariksata Kidding, tini my milk, stomach, and Custom talapete tarala makhiye makhiye mesinata thing doing on this test, the upper part of my body, totally naked, I would hold that the doctor was happy with my game dudhaguloke the end, I have a Sucking up to the start, he began another dudhake dirty, I take exception to what I was doing, he said, would be to see how they can position your body is not ready to throw, they need to take apaniota said that, I went silent and , and I cosate tipate her like crazy, I played my body in waves, I grabbed daktarera mathake grip on my milk, moments after cosara dakatara head and said, eita Are you OK, I will have a little test, I was jiba daktara with my Custom and my stomach started to lick, I started Extreme Custom katarate me, ah iha sabdhagulo that hate out of your mouth asate ajante I started, my doctor was sitting on her chest sathe grip, Sir syarago check before you go forward into me a little of his this code, he said, will be applied to all types of test you will be on the lower part of my naked body and I have been to keep the top padutoke, I was so, he did not have all of the high price of water, chere, I What do I do that, Sir, that water was a long day today, the dam broke down the barriers that long gechedaktara nilena a Round, the semen-like liquid gold in my mouth and what they makhiye lagalena, low on the gold thothe lagalena, I guess not, and I Fuck dupake more , a long object into the difficulties introduces the outside again, but I aita dhukalena dbara thapano started very swiftly, and I do not feel comfortable mago hacce Go, I'm going to die, Go syarago hit back, saying that her citakara karate, it is not the way to the outside thapiye bastuta I have my foot down sojabhabe suyaye, I was embedded in my mind at baluta long, I'm crazy like her cosate, syarera huge increase, as long as thick, so I'm all pure again, as well as mundira karata ucu, deke in my mind was cold, and It was fortunate that a barara codana MĄhz, I was in the hands of his two games proceed cosachilama and andakosa Kidding, that was ah iha sabdhe gharamaya codanajhankara tolalena, only a few minutes after he was outside the nilena Sucking, my beloved thothe back to back gold again lagalena lagalena on the low-pass time, I was back in the syarago citakara by the insertion, but I kede naile phelaba, but I kedei s, daktara They make a bigger push into the day with a full baluta sonaya I pulled into my chest and I ah the duhata diye milk grabbed with the grip, he cosache my right breast, another milk diye bama hand and proceed with the same tale malache What is my sonaya thapacce Terminated yet ah - I do not have stagnated revive thapa enclosed to the bottom of the codanamaya jhankara tulachi iha ah, the body anekaksana thapapanora bakiye ah ah iha iha of the eagle and the eagle on my left sonaya goods, this is my diary of the last test, the doctor write me some medicine at home on Friday morning and did not test every sapatahe karaye karayechi the test I have.


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